Angelica Swartout Murder Retrial

EUGENE, Ore. — The defense rested its case in the murder retrial of Angelica Swartout.

Nearly three weeks after the trail began, we find ourselves close to deliberations.

Here’s a look back at some of the testimony.

In some murder trials, jurors never get to hear from the person at the center of the case.

This panel, however, did.

Halfway through the retrial, the defense called Swartout to the stand

“This is my chance to tell you guys, tell you guys the truth,” Swartout said.

Swartout told jurors she took a pregnancy test

“What I read was a positive test,” Swartout said.

But then came an alleged negative test at Planned Parenthood.

She says she decided to continue faking her pregnancy to gain acceptance from her large adopted family.

“It was about me feeling accepted. It was about me belonging to this family that I worked so hard most of my life to impress,” Swartout said.

A number of witnesses testified. They believed she was pregnant, some felt a baby and one claimed she saw an ultrasound.

Others told jurors they had their doubts.

When the due date arrived, she told her family she had a still birth and even downloaded a picture of a dead baby and sent it to them.

“I just didn’t know how to tell the truth. I had just been telling this lie for so long. I just didn’t know,” Swartout said.

More evidence of her alleged dishonesty was heard in her confession to police after being arrested.

“I wrapped him a little and was holding him,” Swartout said.
“How long did you hold him?” asked Detective Crolley.
“Maybe a half hour, forty minutes,” Swartout said.

Two doctors also examined Swartout for signs that she gave birth. Both reached very different conclusions.

As the defense rested its case Thursday, Judge Suzanne Chanti gave jurors these notes as they broke for a long holiday weekend.

“Don’t talk amongst each other. Don’t discuss it at the dinner table. Just please we’re so close,” Judge Chanti said.

Jurors will be back on Wednesday for the prosecutions rebuttal and possibly closing arguments.

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