Angelica Swartout Takes the Stand

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — After a four-day break, Angelica Swartout took the stand to testify in her defense.

Swartout is charged with killing her baby.

For the first time during the entire trial, we saw tears from Swartout.

When she took the stand, she immediately looked at the jurors and told them this was her chance to tell the truth.

She says the lie got away from her even when she was being questioned by police and confessed to a crime.

“They got their answers, what they wanted. They would not listen to ‘no’ but they listened to ‘yes’. In my mind I told them what they wanted to hear and now get to go,” Swartout said.

Swartout says she lied to police because she thought they would do their own detective work and find holes in her story and discover for themselves the baby never existed.

She says she carried the initial lie through telling her family the baby had died.

She even admitted to downloading a dead baby from the internet and sending it to her family.

She says during her pregnancy she did everything to pretend she was pregnant by hiding her stomach and wearing baggy clothes.

“I just let it all hang out, as you could say. I just pushed my stomach out. That’s what I did,” Swartout said.

Swartout was briefly asked to show jurors how she would do that.

She testified that the majority of the Swartout family, even after her testimony at the last trial, still believe she killed the baby. And she says they had their minds closed already.

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