Animal Shelter Raises Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Management of 1st Avenue Shelter recently shifted from Lane County Animal Services to the Greenhill Humane Society, and that transition has raised concerns for at least one local animal welfare group.

The organization No Kill Lane County gathered on Wednesday to question practices at the shelter, arguing that Greenhill should be more transparent and release its records.  No Kill is also critical of Greenhill’s staff, saying it would like Greenhill’s employees to have better qualifications when it comes to the well-being of the animals.

KEZI 9 News reached out to Greenhill for comment after-hours and has yet to hear a response.



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  1. Tamara Barnes says:

    I would like to clarify that No Kill Lane County is not targeting the staff nor the volunteers. Our concerns are directed to the management who is responsible for the decisions and policies at both facilities. We want a No Kill Director/Leader in charge at Greenhill to assure ethical treatment of every single animal that comes into both locations.

    No Kill Lane County is thankful for the dedicated staff and volunteers who give their time and show compassion, despite management protocol that requires they do otherwise.

  2. Christina Nnoli says:

    I would like to emphasize that it is much more than one local animal welfare group (No Kill Lane County) that is concerned with Greenhill’s current management of the 1st Ave Shelter. It’s multiple local animal rescues, certified animal trainers, past LCAS volunteers, past Greenhill volunteers/staff, and some members of the general public.

    Above all else, these groups of people are concerned about the welfare of the animals and feel that Greenhill’s current management is interfering with doing what’s BEST for the animals. There are talented/qualified foster families begging to foster behaviorally challenged dogs from the 1st Ave Shelter only to be turned away and told there are no dogs now or in the near future needing foster homes. Meanwhile Greenhill places ads asking for more volunteers and foster families? The best thing for these dogs is to be in a loving home, with a trained foster family that can work on a daily basis to rehabilitate these dogs and make them ready for adoption… for some reason, Greenhill seems to think letting them spend 23hrs a day in a kennel is more productive.

    The information being presented by Greenhill to the public is much different that what is actually happening behind closed doors at the shelter. The main goal is to educate the public about what is really happening with their tax dollars and to hold Greenhill management accountable for their actions.

  3. Gaye Grabill says:

    I have reached out several times to Greenhill asking for clarification on their policies and procedures with no response whatsoever. This implies that they do not feel they need to support their policies, or even inform the public as to what they do. In my mind I was giving them an opportunity to deny allegations of animal abuse in their “shelter” and, by choosing not to do so, they actually confirmed my suspicions. This is of great concern to any individual who honestly cares for the welfare of animals who are not lucky enough to have happy homes, and leaves a lot of us wondering where, exactly, Eugene and Lane County stand in their concerns towards their most vulnerable and innocent residents.

  4. Debi McNamara says:

    Greenhill “Humane” Society recently fired the First Street facility (prior LCAS employee) Certified Veterinary Technician because she would not be party to killing adoptable animals in her care. We just found out that a co-worker is leaving, as well, because she cannot tolerate Greenhill’s regressive policies or be party to killing adoptable animals. Both of these women loved their jobs working under LCAS manager, Rick Hammel, who encouraged the staff to do everything possible to save the lives of all shelter animals. Hammel routinely went to the media with pets and he raised many thousands of dollars to be able to medicallly treat all those in need.

    We have gone back to the dark ages with Greenhill administering the shelter now. With the continued firing or quitting of staff who are passionate about saving lives, we will soon be left with employees who either don’t care, or who join the ranks of current Greenhill employees who are terrified to lose their jobs if they tell anyone the abuses they witness. Please see their testimony at http://www.nokilllanecounty.org. And then please join us to put an end to this regressive animal “shelter” management.

  5. Tamara Barnes says:

    At the Advisory Committee meeting on August 13, Director Cary Lieberman excused vet Gail Schroder’s not sending home medication with sick kittens in the cat program as “an insurance issue”. This is preposterous. There really isn’t a “veterinarian/client” relationship in a shelter as Schroder claimed that needed to be established. Greenhill had accepted the kitten’s caretaker’s $20. They were going to vaccinate them. Just exactly when does Schroder consider the kittens “ours”? That she let kittens, critically ill with URI go home untreated is a crime.

    Read more of our documented testimony here: http://www.nokilllanecounty.org

  6. Michael Freimund says:

    I am extremely concerned about the fact that Greenhill is not being open, regarding their procedures. The mayor contacted me after I posted my concerns about the questionable treatment, given to the animals by Greenhill. She said, “To my knowledge there have been no euthanasia’ at all for these contracted services” (Since the transition on July 1st). I gave her specific animals’ that were indeed killed, obtained from employees’/volunteers’ working at both facilities. I suggested since Greenhill is now considered a public agency (they ARE receiving YOUR tax dollars), all their internal documents are subject to Oregon open records law. She needed to go to either facility unannounced, and check for herself. She responded back that in the opinion of the city attorney, the contract with the city does not make them a public entity. That wasn’t my ISSUE! She chose to defend the city’s disclosure position and ignore the fact that Greenhill is killing adoptable pets. I guess bike paths are a higher priority for Eugene. Fact is; pets are being killed under the supervision of Cary Lieberman and Jaclyn Semple, performed by Gail Schroder. They are grossly understaffed, causing pets to remain caged for hours on end, without potty breaks, or human interaction. They are not being worked with to transform them back to the lovable pets they were, before they were allowed to slowly go kennel crazy. I thought that was the service humane societies provided. Am I wrong? How about some investigative reporting, KEZI9?

  7. Tamara Barnes says:

    Fact is; at Greenhill Humane Society, pets are being killed under the supervision of Cary Lieberman and Jaclyn Semple, performed by Gail Schroder. Please read, sign and share our petition.

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