Anniversary of Explosion in Roseburg

ROSEBURG, Ore. — One of Roseburg’s most devastating days will be remembered today. Fifty-three years ago today a truck loaded with more than six tons of dynamite exploded. It leveled much of downtown Roseburg, killing fourteen people and injuring dozens more.

Roseburg resident Lois Thomas told KEZI 9 News, “First there was the flash, you know. Everything just turned red. then there was the explosion, which was a deep sound like dynamite makes, ya know. It was powerful, but not loud. And I rushed outside, and it was like a mushroom cloud.”

The explosion leveled seven city blocks and heavily damaged another 28. The dynamite truck was vaporized.

Starting today, you can download an app to go on a walking tour of the area affected by the explosion. The web-based app has 12 stops of importance regarding the history of the blast. The walking tour starts at the chamber of commerce and moves along for a mile, taking two hours to complete.

KEZI 9 News will have the full story tonight at 6 PM.

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