Anonymous Donor Gives Large Gift to FFLC

EUGENE, Ore. — Food for Lane County announced one of the largest anonymous donations ever Friday.

An anonymous donor will match up to $100,000 of donations during February.

People can donate at any Market of Choice by scanning coupons at the register or directly to Food for Lane County online, by phone, or mail.

These donations will help a large percent of the county’s population.

“Thirty-nine percent of our county is eligible to come to receive emergency food from us. That’s a huge amount. Thirty-nine percent of all people in Lane County,” said Beverlee Hughes, Food for Lane County Executive Director.

Food for Lane County officials also say this is the largest anonymous donation in several years.

But, since this is a matching donation, the donor will only give as much money as the food bank receives through donations.

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  1. Postone says:

    Like I said to the Mayor in an email about four days ago, if it weren’t for private donations and concern for them who do not have enough, and the homeless in this city would really be in trouble!

    Because the Mayor’s office and the city council are more concerned with a new or refitted city hall to the tune of millions! I don’t accept the argument that a quake could collapse the building. That sucker has been there for a long time, and when does anyone remember the last time there was an earthquake of any significance?

    I asked the mayor to allocate land for these Conestoga Huts but of course that isn’t a priority for the mayor or the city counsel. I was informed that usually its a county problem to deal with homeless people. And here I thought homelessness or human suffering was everyone’s (human problem) problem?

    The biggest problem with the city government in Eugene is that they do a couple of things and think they’re all that. Boy look at us we helped 70 families. That’s all well and good but what about the other 2,500 plus people still sleeping on the ground outside in freezing temperatures?

    Maybe we should look at the plight of homelessness as a problem that isn’t solved until everyone is sleeping under a roof and warm, not just some or most…

    I think the Mayor and the city counsel members should spend five nights outside with just a backpack, with a sleeping bag and a few essentials. They are to walk the streets just as though they were homeless, visiting food lines, the mission for showers, or the station. No going home for five nighs. They could see first had what’s it’s like. It might just give them a different perspective and maybe a sense of urgency to do something, something of substance not just applying band-aids!

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