Another Hot Day on Tap

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Looking like a carbon copy of yesterday on tap for today. We started the morning with some low lying clouds and fog at the coast and in the basin. Mostly clear skies in all others regions. Temperatures started out mild as well, with the warmest spot being Roseburg. This afternoon, the marine layer along the coast and the inland clouds will decrease steadily as the solar radiation heats things up. Expect afternoon highs just like yesterday; maybe a few degrees warmer. We will continue to be dry as well this afternoon.

Friday will be a different story. We are caught between two upper level features that are ushering in moisture and heat from the south. A high pressure ridge is slowly moving off to our east, while an upper level low is moving into Northern California. With the clockwise flow around the high and the counter-clockwise flow from the low, we get winds that bring the hot, and humid air from the south into our region. Because of this, there is a good chance that unstable air will find it’s way into Central Oregon, and the Cascades. Precipitable water looks decent enough to bring in some precipitation in the valley and along the coast. The question is, how much instability will there be, and will it be enough to create thunderstorms. We do know that the high country and Central Oregon will get isolated thunderstorms. What we have to keep an eye on is how far west they will extend. Partly cloudy skies expected through the day. Temperatures will also be a little cooler because of the cloud coverage. There will also be a chance for dry lightning through the region as there will still be dry air at the surface. Wildfires were sparked in Southern Oregon last week with the thunderstorm threat, and we could see more sparks tomorrow.

For the most part, we dry up this weekend. As the weak upper level low moves onshore and then northeast, it will bring with it a small amount of moisture. The only way our region will be affected is by the upslope flow on the west of the Cascades.  This will occur Sunday, so we can’t rule out a slight chance for light and isolated  thunderstorms in the mountains and in Central Oregon.

After that, temperatures will be back up to where they have been, maybe a few degrees warmer. Mostly clear skies and dry conditions through the middle of next week.

Thanks for logging on and have a great day!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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