Anti-EmX Bus Ads Expand

EUGENE, Ore. — Anti-EmX advertisements started showing up on the back of an LTD bus back around April this year. Now you’re about to see a lot more of them.

Our Money Our Transit first unveiled the ironic ad that reads “Not EmX” on the back of an LTD bus back in April.

It’s part of the no-build campaign to stop the expansion of EmX in west Eugene.

Now the group is rolling out three new designs.

The new ads will again be placed on the back of five LTD buses, which will spread the message all over town.

“If they’re unaware of it, I hope it creates that question in their mind of what’s going on? If they are aware of it, I hope it brings a smile to their face and they enjoy the ironic nature of the ad,” said Creative Advertising Services Manager Bob Clarke.

LTD spokesman Andy Vobora says the transit agency had no reason to turn down the ads and could likely get into legal trouble if it did.

He mentions that some of the new designs are inflammatory, like one that says “Highway to Destruction”, but he says it’s consistent with Our Money Our Transit’s tactics.

Two of those new designs will hit the streets this week.

Our Money Our Transit and Creative Advertising say with some major donors, the ads should be up for some time.

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