Anti-Snagging Rule Takes Effect

The state says starting Friday, March 1, you can’t snag fish from the North Umpqua River.

A new anti-snagging rule is meant to curb snagging of spring Chinook headed up river to spawn.

Snagging is basically when a fisherman uses a big hook in hopes of snagging a fish in the river instead of hooking it in the mouth with a lure or fly.

Fishermen KEZI 9 News talked to Thursday say they support the new rule.

“My feeling is it’s a long time coming. They need to do something with it because there are people up here that do snag spring Chinook and take them home, and they’re stealing from all of us. They got to do it the correct way and be a sportsman about it or don’t do it all,” said fisherman John Matthews.

The rule applies to the North Umpqua River from the Lone Rock Boat Ramp, upstream to the beginning of the fly waters above Rock Creek.

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