Apartments Proposed Near Hendricks Hill

EUGENE, Ore. — More than 120 acres near the Ribbon Trail could be developed into a major apartment complex.

A Eugene consulting firm helped submit four applications with the city to get the pre-approval phase started on Laurel Ridge.

The complex is slated for 608 units and would border the Hendricks Hill Ribbon Trail.

The city says a few groups are already expressing concern regarding the developments impact on wildlife sites.

“One was the Obsediens, which have their lodge right out there in that area along the Ribbon Trail, and also the Laurel Hill Valley Citizens have made a subcommittee that’s looking expressly at this development,” said Steven Ochs, Eugene Associate Planner.

The city is required to hold a public hearing on this development.


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  1. ConcernedCitizen says:

    As a resident of Laurel Hill Valley all I can say is “No THANKS!” What about the defunct housing development over Moon Mountain that is a MAGNET for delinquent activity, it is trashed with rubbish (including used condoms and alcohol containers). They clear-cutted the entire hillside, equipped it with electrical stations for over 70 houses, paved all the roads up there, yet the bank owning the loan is looking to foreclose on the entire thing. It would have been much more productive if those roads were just left to the runners and never paved. It is an eyesore, a massive massive failure, and perfect example of the housing bubble we are creating right here in our own city.

    Change is hard, but it’s much harder when the change adds nothing to the current accepted living. The hotel that was built near the defunct housing development spews noxious chlorine gas all over that side of the hill. We like our trees, wildlife, and general “Laurel Hill? Where is that?” feeling we get. This definitely needs a LOT more thought put in to it.

  2. hightide6096 says:

    There is plenty of room way out west 11th for apartments,housing and lots of affordable housing. Why build in condensed areas Where neat historic houses are nested next to the park.

  3. Lani says:

    Planners in Eugene do not care about what residents want. They are primarily interested in helping the contractors and developers make money.

    If you live near this proposed project, you need to attend the meetings, demand a conditional use permit to limit traffic, noise and environmental impacts and get ready to appeal the permit to the land use board outside of the dirty dominion of City of Eugene Planning.

    The only hope of keeping the neighborhood a residential area with historic houses and families is being ready to take legal action. Otherwise the developers win and the entire neighborhood loses to the greedy real estate opportunists looking to make a quick buck.

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