App Helps UO Students Find Good Deals

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new smartphone app will soon be available for University of Oregon students looking for good deals, but that’s not the only use for the app.

The application is called UniverCity 3D. The founders say they wanted to develop an app that would help students stay more connected and help small businesses thrive among big-name competitors within campus communities.

“It is an application that allows retailers to interact with students at the University of Oregon in a way that’s never been done before,” said Dave Koch, UniverCity 3D Founder.

Koch says big companies with large budgets for advertising usually already have smartphone apps, but for local business owners the costs could add up. With UniverCity 3D, small business owners get the chance to reach students on a new platform, at a low cost.

“Nobody has ever gone to a retailer and says here are the tools. You don’t need us past then,” Koch said.

UniverCity aims to be user-friendly and provide businesses the ability to be really flexible with their ads.

“So if you don’t like you ad on Wednesday, change it on Wednesday night, and you’ll have a new one on Thursday morning,” Koch said.

The application looks similar to a video game, with a 3D interactive map of Eugene and bubblely icons floating above businesses who have signed up for the service. UniverCity 3D won’t just bring deals to students though, it can also use the app to make new friends and learn more about events around campus all under the umbrella of being uniquely Eugene.

“That’s what’s makes us different. When we finish here, we move onto Perdue, then we move onto Duke, and we move onto all of these other universities. And each one of those locales is going to have different students, different likes, difference preferences,” Koch said.

UniverCity 3D will be free to students and should be in the iPhone app store in the next couple weeks. The developers are still working on an Android version. The creators hope to hold a launch party in January.

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