Applesauce Maker Decides Against Coburg

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COBURG, Ore. — An international food processing company that was considering putting roots down in Coburg has decided to go another direction.

After months of talks with Materne North America, a European company that produces the squeezeable applesauce brand GoGo Squeez, Coburg city leaders announced Wednesday that the company decided to go elsewhere.

The news came as a shock to residents, who were hopeful the company would add jobs to their town. “It was a lot of jobs, so it’s going to be a disappointment to everybody,” said Sharyl Abbaspour, a Coburg city councilor.

Abbaspour is shocked to hear the applesauce company decided not to choose Coburg as its new location.

A few months ago, Materne North America began talks with Coburg North, Lane County, and the State of Oregon about the potential for the space, and the county says things looked positive.

“The conversations that I knew that we were having with them, they were pretty pleased by what was there. But again, this is a lot of money they’re spending,” said county commissioner Sid Leiken.

Leiken says the investment would have been up to $100 million, and at least 250 added jobs, which Abbaspour says makes a big difference in a small town like Coburg. “We were very excited about the prospect of Materne coming to Coburg. Would’ve made a huge difference obviously, financially many things for the city of Coburg.”

Building 17, where Materne would’ve set up shop, is still up for grabs, and Commissioner Leiken is optimistic that it will grab the attention of another company in the near future.

Leiken says from what the county is hearing, Materne will probably stay in the Northwest because of the major apple industry in Oregon and Washington.

We contacted Materne headquarters to find out how they came to their decision, but they were unavailable for comment.

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