4J Accepts Proposals for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — The 4J School District is officially accepting proposals for historic Civic Stadium.

In a unanimous vote, the school board opened the request for proposal process on Wednesday. At least three groups have already expressed interest, including the YMCA and the City of Eugene, and board members stressed that this isn’t just about accepting the highest bid.

The bidding process will run until the beginning of December, with a final decision expected in February.


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  1. sloan kettering says:

    don’t let the city get a hold of it. They’ll make another homeless theme park camp out of it.

  2. don jones says:

    They already did an RFP and rejected all offers. Why do it again? The same result will occur.

    4J is discriminatory, they reject valid offers because they don’t like the buyer.

    4J – do as I say (don’t discriminate), just don’t do as we do…

    Unbelievable that a agency like 4J flaunts that in your face and no one challenges them in court.

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