Arguments Continue in Gillette Case

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EUGENE, Ore. — Friday was a day of arguments between the defense and prosecution in the Johan Gillette double murder trial.

Johan is charged with the murders of his father, James, and his father’s partner, Anne McLucas.

The defense says it has witnesses that could prove Johan acted in self-defense against a dangerous and explosive man. The defense presented a number of witnesses they plan on calling to the stand to testify on James Gillette’s alleged aggressive and violent behavior. The defense argued it is key in Johan Gillette’s self-defense claim.

The jury wasn’t present when the defense asked the court to allow the witnesses. Prosecutors argued those sorts of witnesses shouldn’t be admissible.

But the judge ultimately ruled the witnesses could be used, but they had to talk about specific incidents of James’ behavior, not just general impressions.

“As the defense stated, ‘all of this is inextricably intertwined into the relationship that these two parties continued to have on September 7th,'” said Judge Ilisa Rooke-Ley, Lane County Circuit Court.

Later in the day, the prosecution called some of its final witnesses to the stand, including another Oregon State Police forensic scientist. In her testimony, the scientist reviewed a number of DNA swabs, including Johan’s DNA that she says was found on the Clorox bleach bottle found in his laundry room. The prosecution claims Johan used that bleach to cover up the murders.

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