Armed Home Robbery in Corvallis

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A Corvallis man called 911 Monday night after he said three men robbed him from his home at gunpoint then assaulted him.

Captain Dave Henslee with the Corvallis Police Department says the robbery happened around 9:00 pm at a home on the 1100 block of NW 23rd Street in Corvallis. He says two of the three men had guns, and that the victim, who police aren’t yet naming, acted appropriately.

“The victim in this case complied, which is the smart thing to do, and the suspects fled the residence with an undisclosed amount of money,” he said.

He says the men showed their semi-automatic pistols, but did not fire them.

“Before leaving, one of the suspects did assault the tenant of the residence, but his injuries were minor and he did not require medical assistance,” he said.

But the story doesn’t end there.

“As the suspects were leaving the scene, they accosted a second male who was arriving to simply visit the tenant,” Henslee said. “They asked him for some money but no money was given to the suspects in that situation.”

Police say robbers entering someone’s home while the resident is present is not common, and they don’t want anyone in the community to panic or perceive the robbery as a public safety threat.

“We get situations like this every now and then,” Henslee said. “I wouldn’t say it’s common. But this is something pretty serious. And we are continuing the investigation to make sure that those who were involved are held accountable for their actions.”

An Oregon State University student lives a few blocks away, and was surprised to hear about the armed robbery. Chad Ornberg says he has been robbed twice before, but not at gunpoint. He was not home either time.

“Those were just weekends when you’d expect everyone to be out of town,” Ornberg said. “It’s a little worrying that this happened.”

Another neighbor says he is also worried.

“I don’t like the idea of guns being pointed in the face,” said Kieran Gilbert. “Hearing that this last robbery occurred with the homeowners being present is a little bit freaky.”

Though Corvallis Police have not said yet if the home was unlocked before the robbers went inside, neighbors say it is a good reminder to keep doors locked while away and at night.

“We don’t lock our apartment when we go to sleep as much as we should,” Gilbert said. “But hearing about these robberies now, that will probably change as well.”

Captain Henslee asks that if anyone knows anything about the case or noticed anything unusual on NW 23rd Street Monday evening, to please call Detective Duncan at the Corvallis Police Department at (541) 766-6924.

Below is a description of each suspect:

Suspect #1 – White male, pale skin, balding on the top of his head with short red hair on the sides of his head. The suspect has a slender build, approximately 140 pounds, 5’09” tall in his late 20’s or early 30’s. The suspect was wearing all black clothing, had a black bandana covering his face, and was carrying a black semi-automatic pistol.

Suspect #2 – White male with blue eyes and light brown hair that curled about ear length. The male is approximately 6’00” tall and 180 pounds and was wearing a white or light colored sweatshirt, white Nike tennis shoes with a dark colored Nike swoosh, had a black bandana covering his face, and was carrying a black semi-automatic pistol.

Suspect #3 – White male, approximately 6’00” to 6’01” tall, 200 pounds, and in his late 20’s or early 30’s. The suspect was wearing a black coat, black pants, and a black ski mask that only exposed his eyes and mouth.


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