Armed Robbers Hold Up Restaurant

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two robbers held up a BJ’s Restaurant on Coburg Road near Willakenzie Road just before midnight, Saturday. The restaurant was closed at the time, but employees were still inside.

The daughter of the restaurant’s general manager told KEZI 9 News what happened.

“He said that when the guy came out to take out the trash, a guy put a gun in his back and took him in and the employees that were there, he had them all lay face down,” said Chelsea Navaro.

Police say the men, one black and one white, were wearing ski masks and dark clothing. The description of the men is very similar to the description of the robbers at the McDonald’s restaurant, next door, two and a half weeks ago.

The two incidents had staff at the nearby Buddy’s Diner very concerned. They say, they’re not taking any chances.

“We were just talking about how to make this place safer because a lot of times, it’s just the two us, two girls. We’re here by ourselves before anyone else is here,” Navaro said.

“Make sure doors are locked at night, always closed, and make sure there are two people taking the garbage out and always somebody walking somebody else to the car,” said server Theresa Lamb.

Employees at Buddy’s Diner worry robbers are hitting nearby homes as well.

Both restaurant robberies are still under investigation. Anyone with information can contact the Eugene PoliceĀ DepartmentĀ at (541) 682-5111.

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