Arson Surveillance Video Released

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EUGENE, Ore. — A number of arson cases this past month stumped Eugene police because they didn’t have any suspect description. That changed last week.

Surveillance video taken outside Ta Ra Rin restaurant the morning of an arson gave investigators a lead.

The restaurant is equipped with security cameras and they’re posted on the back wall of the building right next to the dumpster the suspect set on fire early that morning.

Whether he saw the signage or not, the cameras definitely saw him, and police are glad they did because now they know whom to look for.

The suspect appears to be a tall thin white man with shoulder length hair and facial hair, wearing dark clothes and a back pack.

Investigators don’t know if the man is related to several other arsons in Eugene past month. That’s mostly because there aren’t many witness accounts from the other incidents to compare this description to, but investigators aren’t ruling this suspect out.

Investigators said they think this man likely hangs out in the downtown Eugene area, and that is where they’ll be looking for him. Also, if you see anyone who fits this description, call Eugene police.

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