Arsonist Burns Five Businesses

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are looking for a person who intentionally set some Santa Clara businesses on fire early Monday morning.

Police say a witness at the nearby gas station saw flames and a tall man running away from the buildings.

The damage is mostly to this exterior wall of Don Juan’s Family Restaurant. But one of the biggest problems is that’s where all the electrical boxes and meters are, so EWEB had to come out here and cut the power, which is shutting down nearby businesses for days.

“Going to have to be closed for two weeks while they clean up the smoke. The bad part is we have 11 employees, who are going to be out of work for two weeks,” said Cindy Short, Shooter’s Pub and Grill Owner

“The real problem is the smoke damage and we’re looking at three to four days of being closed and lost revenue. I guess there’s a lot of smoke up in the ducts,” said Ray Slason, Santa Clara Smoke Shop Owner.

Business owners say the smoke damage is a problem, mostly because it’s a health concern.

Police say there was another report of a chair on fire around the same time just down the road. Investigators think the two incidents are connected.

Luckily some of the business owners have security cameras that officers are now looking over for possible leads.

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