Art and the Vineyard Celebrates 30 Years

EUGENE, Ore. — The music was lively all day at Alton Baker Park and served as the background as people browsed through thousands of pieces of artwork for during the 30th annual of the Art and the Vineyard.

People from as far away as Thailand looked through traditional and ecclectic artwork.

Of course there was a makeshift vineyard that featured dozens of local and regional wineries.

The festival is the Maude Kerns Art Center’s biggest fundraiser. So by coming to browse art and taste the wine, people are supporting local art.

“It’s a community based arts program and art gallery,” Robin Cochran with the Maude Arts Center said. “It’s for the community and it supports the community and the community’s helping us support it today.”

Even though it wasn’t as hot on Thursday, kids were finding clever ways to stay cool. The festival runs through Saturday.

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