Art and the Vineyard Showcases Local Wine, Art, Music

EUGENE, Ore. — If art, wine and music are your thing, then the Art and Vineyard festival is likely on your agenda this weekend.

There are 130 artists from all over the West showing their art–that’s 25 more artists than before. There are 30 who make sculptures for outdoor gardens.

There are artists demonstrating how to make art. Some will be making furniture in front of you.

There are 21 wineries this year, and organizers say it’s expanded art for your garden by 30 percent.

There’s also some new food from the Deep South and some new Mediterranean cuisine.

Of course there’s a number of local restaurants.

“We have the Oregon authors we always have them, but this year we have a very special treat one of our authors is selling a book that hasn’t even been made available to the public yet,” said Maude Kerns Art Center President David Wade.

That author is William Sullivan, known for his books on hiking and outdoors.

Nearly $30,000 people are expected out over the three days.

It cost $7 for the day. Children under 6 are free.

You’ll also have to pay $3 to park your car.

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