Art, Music Featured in 3-Day Festival

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ALBANY, Ore. — The 13th annual Northwest Art & Air Festival is under way in Albany.

Event organizers expect around 50,000 visitors to head out to this year’s three-day festival.   It’s a fun-filled weekend full of events and activities for all ages.

Local artists were out setting up bright and early, but with all the wind, it was quite the challenge.

“It’s really windy, I just was walking by and saw a couple of tents just flop upside down,” said artist Jenni Babcock.

When all’s said and done, the artists won’t have much to complain about with thousands of potential buyers stopping by their booths daily.

But it’s the visitors who get the real treat.  There are more than 75 artists with all hand-crafted art work.

“I take recycled stuff like record albums, turn them into purses, license plates, turn them into bird houses,” said artist Brian Agee.

“We’re selling purses, jewelry, yard ornaments, table runners,” said artist Suzan Bechtel.

“I use recycled pop cans and make jewelry and use glass and solder things,” Babcock said.

“It’s glycerin soap, we have 40 different fragrances and designs,” said artist Bill Chase.

“Photography, these are all original photos that I have done myself,” said artist Rebeccah Paget.

The artwork is only the icing on the cake.

“It is three fun filled days of family friendly entertainment, everything from entertainment and balloon lift offs, to art booths and food booths, we have a classic car show going on tomorrow, we have it all, there’s free children’s activities all weekend long,” said Resource Development Coordinator Anjeanette Brown with the City of Albany.

Best yet, entry to the festival and concerts is free, but donations are always welcome.

Styx is headlining the event, taking the stage Saturday night.

You’re going to want to get there early, this year the concert will be fenced in with a limited amount of space for fans.

“You’d still be able to hear the music and have a great time in other areas of the park, we just want to make sure that we can maintain public safety access so that everybody has an enjoyable experience at the event,” Brown said.

There’s also a night glow scheduled for Friday night where crews will put on a show lighting up several hot air balloons.  Whether or not they can put on that show will depend on the wind and weather.


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