Art Walk Helps Bring Life to Area

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — In its effort to breathe new life into the city, Springfield is welcoming businesses into downtown with open arms.

If you take a walk down Main Street, you can see that the face of downtown Springfield is changing and many believe that the Second Friday Art Walk is definitely a contributing factor.

“Main Street is also Highway 126. So there’s a lot of traffic, but they’re through traffic. People aren’t stopping as often as everyone would like,” said Guy Weese, EAC Gallery Director.

Recent efforts to revitalize the area and rebuild its reputation helped change that.

“When cities do some reinvestment in their downtown, art is always a piece of that. So art in Springfield has been vital to getting people downtown,” said Niel Laudati, Springfield Community Relations Manager.

And it’s not just people, but the businesses too. Haven owner, Karen Hageman, had her grand opening tonight during the monthly art walk. This is her second business in the area and she says the vibe in the area is just infectious.

“There’s such an energy down here. We’re just getting better and better, and people are just becoming more aware of our little downtown,” Hageman said.

Haven isn’t the only place to make a big debut Friday night. Downtown Springfield will soon be home to a new brewery–Plank Town, which is being opened by Sam Bond’s Garage owners.

“When the Sam Bond’s was created in the Whiteaker District, it wasn’t what it is today. So that was a big portion of why we wanted to come here,” said Glen Taylor, Plank Town Brewery Builder.

Organizers are encouraging folks to come down and check it out. You’ll each be provided with a map that lists all the different locations that you can see until 8 p.m.

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