Articles Fuel Fiscal Cliff Misconception

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EUGENE, Ore. — The “Fiscal Cliff Could Force Lane County, Oregon to Release Inmates”–that was the headline that ran on a couple news agencies websites Friday, but Lane County staff say it’s not true.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office and county administrators say a story about our recent jail cuts spiraled into a misleading headline that connected possible fiscal cliff cuts to more jail cuts here in Lane County.

County staff say it played out a lot like a game of telephone. The Associated Press published an original article about the Lane County Jail and its recent cuts. Other news agencies picked up that story, including The Huffington Post.

The headlines changed from the AP version, indicating the Lane County Jail would bear the brunt of more cuts from the possible fiscal cliff. In short, LSCO says that’s false.

“The funding that we talk about all the time that’s in danger with the federal government is the Secure Rural School timber money, and we have verified that money is not part of the sequestration,” said Christine Moody, Budget and Financial Planning.

Both the LCSO and county administrators were busy clearing things up. The Huffington Post corrected its headline Friday afternoon.

Budget managers are looking what the fiscal cliff could affect, keeping an eye on transportation, energy, and health and human services. But there is no current threat to the county, especially with regard to the jail.


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  1. jason marks says:

    busy clearing out the jail again.

    just close it and get it over with!

  2. Ron says:

    If the county would cut the loafers they have on the pay roll and who are under performers and half the a ssholes standing around leaning on shovels etc..the people of Lane county might vote yes for the jails and deputies…NOT until you morons start weeding out the wasters of our tax dollar.

  3. Teri says:

    Why does Lane County have 377 vehicles and 198 pieces of heavy equiptment in it’s fleet? Why do they Stock 250,000 replacement parts in their fleet inventory? I have asked a couple times why their fleet budget is so high and nobody answered; they just talked around it. I would love to know whow besides the Deputies and park personnel are driving 377 vheicles that we pay to maintain, gas, insure and store. I also would love to know why we lost something like 16,000,000 in funding and are in need of cutting100,000,000. I think Eugene and Springfield with a little help from the smaller towns need to get together and expand the usage of Springfields jail. I bet we outside of Springfield would be move than willing to pass that levy.

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