Artist Paints with Bubbles

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EUGENE, Ore. — Every artist has a method of crafting a masterpiece.
For one Saturday Market artist, his method comes in the form of a straw, soap and bubbles.
Artist David Placencia is taking painting to a new height, literally.
He says his technique to creating his 3D works of art started as a simple Christmas wrapping paper project with his nieces, but it quickly grew into his own whimsical style.
“I start with pigment and soap combined together. You kind of get it like a snow cone going with the bubbles,” said Placencia.
It might seem like a playful process.
“I also learned that if you have your hands covered in soap, you can actually pick up the bubbles,” said Placencia.
But Placencia says underneath the light and airy application, there’s a deeper meaning.
“It’s a succinct way of seeing the world. Especially the bubbles are a great metaphor because life gets so chaotic,” said Placencia.
A freeing process for Placencia as he connects his life to his art.
“For me, if I’ve always painting everyday I start with the chaos and get out all my stresses. And then sure enough by the end of the painting I’m calm,” said Placencia.
But his paintings aren’t just about inward reflection.
“I want it to be a way to start a conversation with people. Number one a lot of artists want to really tell you things or prove a point,” said Placencia.
He says even though he’s the one who’s using this straw he’s not the only artist.
“With the nature of the bubbles people will see dogs because they like dogs. A Harley Davidson rider will come up and see skulls. They’ll tell me something about my artwork that I didn’t even know about it,” said Placencia.
The audience completes the picture.
“Sometimes it will be like a 10 year-old at the Saturday Market with two dollars in their pocket and I’m like oh no. Well it has to be yours now because they got the painting better than anyone else had,” said Placencia.
It’s a dialogue with himself, his audience and his mom who passed away.
“She was an artist and we were always painting together growing up. And I never thought in my lifetime that I’d be able to make a career out of it. And so for me it’s a way that we’re still kind of painting together,” said Placencia.
An important bond that comes to life on canvas, creating a vision just as unique as the artist behind the bubbles.
You can use special 3D glasses to see his paintings pop out of the canvas.
You can catch him at every Saturday Market and Placencia is also having a bubbles and beer fundraiser at the Emerald Art Center on August 30th.

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