Ashland Bans Plastic Bags

PLASTIC BAGASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland City Council says businesses will have six months to get rid of all remaining stock of single-use plastic bags and switch to either paper bags or offer reusable options.

The ordinance passed Tuesday night on a 5-1 vote that will ban all plastic bags from being distributed, and all paper bags will be available with a 10-cent charge.

The main debate at the council meeting was whether paper bag fees should be for 10 cents or 25 cents. The council ultimately decided to keep the price at 10 cent bags, with low-income residents in mind. The council plans to reevaluate the price in January 2016 after a trial period.

All paper bags being distributed in Ashland must also be made with at least 40 percent recyclable materials. The city council hopes that this will be a final push for Ashland shoppers to switch to reusable bags.

The ban will take full effect in November of this year.

Several Ashland stores had already made the switch to reusable or paper.

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