Assisted Living Facility Fight Continues

EUGENE, Ore. — A three-year battle to build an assisted living facility on Goodpasture Island Road has hit another bump in the road. As part of the permit to build the facility, the city says the developer would have to add on to the overpass over Delta Highway.

The developer and its opposition debated the plans at a Eugene Planning Commission meeting Tuesday night. The main issue revolves around where the Willamette River truly lies.

The Delta Ponds, situated near the overpass, are not considered a part of the Willamette River; however, the group that opposes the plans claims the ponds are actually part of the main river channel. The city says that would make for a more challenging building process.

“If the channel is actually where the Delta Ponds and the Dedrick Slough are, they might have to go through a whole other process. That’s called a goal exception, which is required if you fill in the river,” said Steve Ochs, Eugene Associate Planner.

The planning commission did not make a decision. It will hear more arguments next week and could make a decision later this month.

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