Asteroid Passes Earth

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EUGENE, Ore. — Over the next couple of days, people in town will get the chance to see an asteroid.

The 1998 QE2 asteroid will pass Earth this week and not too far from Saturn.

Local astronomers say while it’s about 1.7 miles long, it won’t be visible with the naked eye or even binoculars. They say people will have to use a telescope, but it’s definitely still worth checking out.

“It’ll be a faint little dot moving across the sky, and frankly, you don’t see that that often, once or twice a year at most, and it’s the thought of what it is rather than the actual visible spectacle that will be interesting,” said Jerry Oltion, Eugene Astronomical Society member.

Local astronomers will be down at the College Hill Reservoir searching for it Thursday night. The public is welcomed to come as well.

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