Athletes Inspire with Experience, Faith

6-6 difference makersCORVALLIS, Ore. — Some of the area’s most respected sports figures will draw on their experiences on the field to help people at home.

The Willamette Valley Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hosting Difference Makers 2014. It’s a follow up to last year’s Man Cave event in Eugene.

On Monday night, former athletes and coaches will take over part of Reser Stadium. They’ll talk about how to become better husbands, parents and people through faith. They’ll also share some of the hardships they’ve learned through sports.

Olympian Dave Johnson will be one of the speakers. He says it’s critical to be reminded of what’s important in life because we often forget.

“You get so busy with your job, you get so busy trying to beat other teams trying to be the best at something, that you forget what’s most important,” Johnson said. “It isn’t what the world is showing you on a day to day basis that you have to conquer, it’s the long haul. What kind of example are you going to be for your wife 20 years from now?”

Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy is also speaking at Difference Makers.

The event is already sold out. However, many of those in attendance are coaches from throughout the Willamette Valley who will share the message they learn.

For more on the the Willamette Valley Fellowship of Christian Athletes, click here.

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