Athletes Play with Concussion Symptoms

(CNN) — By now, it’s pretty clear that concussions, caused by any sport, are pretty serious. But researchers are finding a lot of teens who think it’s still ok to keep on playing with a concussion, even when they know it’s dangerous.

A new study conducted by doctors at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, finds high school football players still feel they can play, even when they are suffering from symptoms due to a concussion.

Researchers looked at 120 high school football players from the Cincinnati area and found more than half of those who suffered concussions said they would keep playing even if they felt nauseous, dizzy, light headed or suffered from a headache.

Investigators surveyed the teens to make sure they knew the symptoms of concussions. They found 70 percent of the players had been educated on head trauma and most could identify concussion symptoms. While many of these teens knew going back to play after a concussion was serious, only half said they would report their symptoms to their coaches or athletic trainers.

Because many of these young players feel invincible, the National Athletic Trainers Association has stressed it’s important for coaches, athletic trainers and parents to keep an eye on young athletes and look for signs of concussion, even though players may not complain. And if necessary, pull the teen who’s been hit from the game until he or she is checked for a concussion.

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