Athletic Trainer Accused of Sexual Abuse

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Police have arrested a Willamette High School employee for allegedly sexually abusing a student.

On Feb. 7, EPD says its School Resource Team was called to investigate a report that 29-year-old Timothy Schley allegedly abused a minor. The Bethel School District say Schley was the school’s only Athletic Trainer, working with student-athletes on a daily basis.

Police will only say the student is a minor. They say many times in cases like this, there are other victims.  They’re asking anyone who may have been a victim to come forward, even if the alleged abuse wasn’t recent.

Schley has been a full-time employee with the high school since 2009, and passed a background check when he was hired. He was immediately put on administrative leave when police contacted the district on the 7th.

“We took immediate action,” said Bethel Superintendent Colt Gill, “to give him a trespass order, not to come to any Bethel School District property, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. And we also directed him to not contact any staff, their families, any students, or their families.”

Police say Schley turned himself in Thursday afternoon at the Eugene Police Department. He is being held at the Lane County Jail on a second-degree sexual abuse charge.

The superintendent says Schley offered to resign, but says they’re working with police, and have decided to move forward with a termination instead.

EPD is asking anyone with relevant information in this case to call Eugene Police School Resource Team Officer Steve Timm at 541-689-0731, ext. 4097.


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  1. Jennifer Aguirre says:

    Anyone who want to the trainer in the last year would have seen this coming…

  2. BroC says:

    Should tell authorities/ police to save others that fall to the sexual predator. To many adults using their position to have their way with children/ young adults. Police are asking for information from others such as you to come forward. Good Luck,

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