Attempted Abduction at Eugene School

EUGENE, Ore. — A man allegedly tried kidnapping a 9-year-old girl from school Monday afternoon.

Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School says the student was using a water fountain when she was grabbed by an unknown adult. She was able to get away from him, but the suspect ran away.

“We just made sure that all the parents who came to pick up their kids were picking up the right kids, and that every kid went home with the appropriate person, and we just wanted to make sure that kids weren’t walking home,” said Thomas Piowaty, school principal.

EPD says it’s investigating this incident and a similar one that happened on Nov. 9.

The suspect from Monday’s incident is described as a white male, short brown hair, wearing a green shirt with slacks or jeans.

If you have any information on this case, call Eugene police.


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  1. Randi Cunningham says:

    I Am Absolutely Horrified And Very Upset That Some Sick Pedofile Man Is Running Around Locally At The Schools Attempting To Kidnap & Actually Take Children. This Is Just Scary!! Thank God That My Daughter Is Only 2 Right Now, But Thats NOT Gonna Last Forever And Im Truly Devastated That Already Ive Got To Begin Worrying About Creeps Like These Before Its Time!! And Have To Feel Scared For The Parents Of The Children That DO Have To Worry Right Now!!

    1. jason marks says:

      In noticing your action:

      “I’ve got to begin worrying”

      “I’m truly devastated”

      “have to feel scared”

      “worry right now”

      WOW really?

      My grandma spent her life doing that and it stole all her joy out of life.

      I’d look at a different response that what you are speaking over your life, IMHO.

  2. EDWINA says:

    I still do not see the wisdom in sending our children to strangers half of their waking hours away from parents. We will continue to homeschool

  3. Ana says:

    Hello, I was wondering, when did this incident occur? Thank you.

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