Attempted Arson at Whirled Pies

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two people are in jail after a bizarre crime Monday night at a Eugene pizza parlor.

What started as serving a few slices of pizza, quickly escalated into a fiery situation at Whirled Pies. Employees at Whirled Pies cleaned up broken glass Tuesday, after a bizarre situation involving an intoxicated couple.

“A man came in drunk already and our employees fed him food and asked them to calm down. He was being belligerent,” said Lt. Scott Fellman, Eugene Police Department.

Once closing time came around, the young high school aged employees asked the couple to leave and they did, but then tried to get back inside. They broke through the front door to re-enter the business.

“They could hear them inside the building, and then the man went back outside and he had moonshine and he stuck a cloth in the moonshine and lit it on fire and threw it in the building,” Lt. Fellman said.

Eugene Police quickly responded and arrested the pair Matthew Bossard and Leticia Kagele for burglary and arson.

“This is a bizarre and frightening event, especially, I’m sure for the folks that were working there and, fortunately, pretty unusual for around here,” Lt. Fellman said.

As Whirled Pies opened back up Tuesday, employees worked to sweep away the broken glass and figured out how to repair the burnt floor.

The owners say they’re just thankful everyone is okay.

“Definitely happy more damage wasn’t caused and really happy that our employees are okay and that nobody got hurt. That was very scary and like crazy. Why would that happen?” said owner Eowyn Bondurant.

The suspects remained in the Lane County Jail Tuesday.

EPD says the city holds free classes for employees and businesses to learn how to deal with customers who might be aggressive or intoxicated.

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