Attempted Kidnapping in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Four men attempted to force a 20 year old Springfield woman into their car Saturday night.

Springfield Police said the woman was walking home from 12th and G Street when she was followed by a Dark Blue four door newer model Cadillac.

The four men asked her if she wanted to “party”, she declined and told them to leave her alone. Five blocks later the car stopped, the four men got out and grabbed the woman attempting to force her into the vehicle.

She was able to break free and return home safely where she called police. Springfield Police searched for the car, but nothing was found. The investigation is on-going.

The four men are described below, if you know any information, please call Springfield Police.

Subject 1: White male, 20’s, 6’ tall, medium build with blonde hair. “Barbell” style lip and eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piecing has dice on the ends.

Subject 2: Black male, 20’s, 6’3″ tall, slim build with short hair.

Subject 3: Black male, 20’s, 6’3″ tall, slim muscular build, shoulder length “corn row” style hair.

Subject 4: Black male, early 20’s, 5’09” tall, 200 pound, stocky build.

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  1. brandonryan says:

    With howmany cameras we have on the roads these days you think police could check all major roadways around that time and try to pull up a plate number.

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