Attempted Kidnapping Info Sought

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police officers are still looking into a possible kidnapping from Wednesday night.

Officers say a witness called in the incident just before 8 p.m. The witness says it happened near the O Bar and Grill in Eugene. The witness said an older four-door, dark-colored sedan pulled right up along Commons Drive.

While police have not received any new missing persons reports as of Thursday afternoon, they are still working to confirm that a kidnapping did in fact happen. But they want people to take this as a reminder to always be cautious of their surroundings.

“It’s usually pretty safe. We walk around her all the time. It’s usually over by campus that we hear more news like this,” said resident Juli Redfern.

“It’s pretty disturbing. I always thought this was a pretty safe area, and I’m surprised to hear that there was an attempted kidnapping here,” said resident Alex Duffant.

But they admit, as comfortable as it may feel, folks should always be wary.

“The thing that makes me really uncomfortable is that there aren’t very many street lights, which I think is kind of huge because you’re just watching in the dark,” said resident Jamie Boley.

“People just need to be vigilant all the time because crime can happen anywhere even in a safe neighborhood like Eugene,” Duffant said.

And while police say they’re still trying to figure out if a kidnapping actually happened, they encourage people to always err on the side of caution and report any and all suspicious behavior.

“Go ahead and call us. Say maybe this is nothing, but here’s what I saw. And do it right away. Time is of the essence, and if we can get there right away and catch that car leaving in the area, we can put this issue to rest. If we wait till the next day, we can’t go back in time,” said Tod Schneider, Crime Prevention Specialist.

If you’re looking for a way to stay safe, you carry a devices that makes noise, such as a body alarm. You put the strap around your waist, and in a struggle either accidentally or on purpose get the string to pull out. Once the attatch pin comes out, it’ll keep screaming. The good ones are going to say 130 decibels. Anything louder will damage your hearing, but anything less won’t do much for you. You can purchase one on the Internet for about $10-$15.

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