Austin to Play Again in Kansas?

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EUGENE, Ore. — A former Duck could be getting another chance to play college ball, despite being accused of rape.

A Kansas community college has recruited Brandon Austin to play for them.

The news broke via JucoJunction’s Twitter and was sourced in several other articles Tuesday.

KEZI 9 News confirmed those reports with the Hutchinson Community College Athletics Department.

Staff there say they have recruited Austin, but whether or not he’ll actually get to play is still up in the air.

They are now in the process of evaluating whether they’ll extend a scholarship offer.

Austin was most recently dismissed from the Oregon basketball team along with two others–Dominic Artis and Damyean Dotson–after being accused of rape.

Before that, Austin was suspended from the team at Providence College in Rhode Island after his name was linked to a sexual assault case there.

Hutchinson says they’ve known from day one about the allegations, but still decided to consider if austin could be a worthy Blue Dragon.

“We have a very good track record of checking these things out, and I suspect that our staff here is doing everything it can to find out all the information available, and we’ll base our decision off of that,” said Steve Carpenter, Hutchinson Community College sports information director.

With no letter of intent on file, the athletic department says initial reports of him playing are premature, and he’s not even enrolled in any classes for the coming fall.

Austin has never been formally charged in either of those cases.

If he’s able to transfer, this would be Austin’s third opportunity to play college ball.

Hutchinson says they’ll have a better idea on his status sometime next week.

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