Autism Study Granted Funding

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EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new treatment option for children with autism.

Western Oregon University has received a federal grant for a study to teach parents daily massage techniques that have been shown to reverse sensory difficulties and improve behavior.

Families can sign up to take advantage of the more than 1,500 worth of treatments in the Eugene area for free. Parents in the program say the benefits extend beyond the kids.

“I can’t find a reason to not sign on and not be really energetic about it. There’s so much help and so much support and so many chances for this to change your life,” said Laura Scruggs, who is a mother of a child with autism.

The program is for children under the age of 6. You have until Feb. 28 to sign up. Contact Kris Gabrielsen for more information at 503-474-0218 or email study@qsti.org.

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