Auto Body Shops See Rise in Business

DOWNTOWN AUTOMOTIVE CENTEREUGENE, Ore. — While many businesses suffered during the storm, it revved up sales for others.

The owner of Downtown Automotive Center in Eugene says a number of people brought in their vehicles for emergency repairs over the weekend and he expects it to be a busy couple of weeks.

They saw lots of problems with windows, radiators, and suspensions. He says when people who had appointments for Thursday and Friday called to check in, he told them all one thing.

“We encouraged them to stay home and so we have had some vehicles that have come in but most of our people learned from the last storm to stay off the roads, just to avoid accidents and damages to their vehicles,” said Guy Godell, owner and manager of Downtown Automotive Center.

Godell says it’s a good idea to keep deicer for glass in your car and only drive if necessary in those conditions.


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  1. Luanne stevenson says:

    My neighbors car was vandalized someone poured nail polish remover on his wife’s car and paint on his he called the police and they were NOT going to come out to investigate the issue stating if he does not have any evidence or LEADS for them then they are not going to respond to his call wait isn’t it their job to serve and protect this is their job why is it we have heard that statement that they are not going to respond from them when called ???????are we suppose to bear our own arms and deal our own justice because they won’t do their job I WANT TO KNOW why are they failing to do their job

    1. James says:


      What would the police do? It would be pretty much impossible to catch the person unless you had photos or video of the person committing the crime and even then, you might not find that person. It’s not like you will get a CSI Forensics team to come dust for prints and trace the chemical composition of the substance back to the person who bought the nail polish remover… yeah right.

      All the police can do is file a report, which is just busy paperwork distracting them from actually being productive. Why waste the man power to deal with trivial issues that cannot be resolved?

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