Auto Shop Giving Away Ducked-Out Van

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Do you know somebody who could use a free car?

Sun Automotive in Springfield is celebrating 35 years in business and is giving away a free vehicle to someone in need.

Who wouldn’t want a free set of wheels?

The car is fully loaded–V-6, automatic with a new radio courtesy of Brad’s Car Tunes.

While it is used, it’s totally reconditioned.

“The technicians take great pride in making sure that everything is taken care of,” said Sun Automotive General Manager Craig Noel.

At Sun Automotive, they mean everything.

“Pretty much there’s been nothing left that hasn’t been addressed,” Noel said.

New oil. New transmission. New tires. Even new decals.

“Here at Sun Automotive we are all Duck fans. Hopefully someone who isn’t an Oregon State fan might not win it. They may not like that,” Noel said.

The “Duck My Truck” is a 2000 Honda Odyssey.

Did we mention there’s room for seven?

It’s the second year of Duck my Truck. Last year, Sun Automotive repaired a family’s car for free. This year it’s different.

Mike and Sherrie Buckridge who own Sun Automotive are celebrating 35 years in business by giving back to the community.

“So we are performing 35 random acts of kindness,” Noel said.

The big kickoff is giving this car to someone in need. Anyone can submit an application or nominate a family they know.

The odds of winning are much better than the lottery.

“You can have some fun with it. I guarantee you that,” Noel said.

About the only thing the winner will have to worry about is gas and the next oil change

The deadine to submit a nominee is 5:30 p.m. on Thursday and it has to be turned in in person. Click here for more information.

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