Autodidact Creates Over-Sized Duck

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EUGENE, Ore. – People in Eugene may have seen a bronze duck driving around town and they weren’t seeing things. Rodger Deevers is an investment advisor by trade, but spends his spare time, in his words, as an autodidact artist.

“I specialize in goofy things” Deevers said.

Deevers admits that sometimes his art and his knack for trying new things gets out of hand.

“Dabbled in making my own fireworks once, and that was a disaster,” Deevers said.

But for the last three Duck football seasons, Deevers has stayed focused long enough to create a gigantic Oregon Duck anchored in the bed of his truck.

Made out of Styrofoam and fiberglass the duck is lighter than it looks, it weighs about a 100 lbs.; but what it lacks in weight, it makes up for in volume with its own sound system.

Outside Autzen Stadium the duck plays to rave reviews. Other places, not so much.

“I’ve made a trip up to Corvallis and the results were less than favorable. I have people who look like they just came out of church and they’re flipping me off and calling me names,” Deevers said.

Deevers says part of his creative energy comes from a restless mind. His oldest son Mack is a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. His other two sons have been diagnosed with autism. Then there’s his work on Wall Street, which isn’t exactly calming.

“We all have this innate need to control our environment. I have no control, really, over my environment, so I choose things I can control,” Deevers said.

It may just be an oversized duck in the back of a pickup; but for Deevers it stands for something deeper, the desire to put a stamp on the world.

“I think the thing that motivated me most about it, was overwhelming need to create something,” Deevers said.

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