Autzen Seating Rules May Add Comfort

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EUGENE, Ore. — New regulations for Autzen Stadium seating this football season may add a little more comfort for fans.

The new regulations aren’t changing by much, but seats are getting a little wider and deeper.

In terms of the width, seats must no more than 17 and half inches under the new regulations.¬†As for the height, seats can be no taller than 19 inches. The seat cushion may not exceed four inches in height or depth, and the entire chair must not exceed 13 and half inches in depth. The athletic department says these changes won’t shrink the stadium’s capacity.

“It could go, and if we didn’t make a rule like this, if everybody brought in a 25-inch wide seat, we’d have an issue. We’d have to reduce capacity,” said Craig Pintens, Senior Associate Athletic Director.

Pintens says the new regulations are in response to fan complaints. Students told KEZI 9 News this doesn’t affect them that much because they stand during most of the games.

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