Autzen Stadium Continues Sellout Streak

EUGENE,  Ore. —  The Duck football team will keep its sellout streak, now at 83 consecutive games after the season opener.

Athletic managers announced the sellout via Twitter. UO senior associate athletic director Craig Pintens tweeted, “Game was sold out, but it was down to the wire & next week will also be a challenge.”

The day before the game there were still 1,500 tickets left.

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  1. Wanda Hewer says:

    I would love to go to a game at Autzun Stadium But i am on low income and the price to pay would mean no food in my house . My wish someday is to go to a home football game with my 3 Sons the oldest is in the Air National Guard and has been away fom his family for 6 wweks now . Hope you have a sell out crowd and i will be listening to the radio


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