B-17 Bomber on Display

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EUGENE, Ore. — A piece of World War II history is spending the weekend at the Eugene Airport.

One of the remaining 13 active B-17 bombers in the country, the Aluminum Overcast, arrived in Eugene Friday is on display on the tarmac and in the air.

“I come every time a B-17 comes to town. This is my fourth time flying in a B-17,” said aviation enthusiast David Gault.

It’s an experience worth having time and time again. But whether it was their first time or fourth, hundreds gathered Friday to get an up-close look at a rare piece of world war two history.

“To see things like this, you just don’t see very many of them, and it’s a real true piece of history,” said aviation enthusiast Jim Thomas.

That’s why veterans, history buffs and aviation enthusiasts made the trip to the tarmac. Some took it in outside and some from within.

KEZI 9 News was one of the lucky ones who got to experience the aluminum overcast from its native environment–the sky. It was bumpy but beautiful.

The original parts and unique atmosphere could be felt from nose to tail, as we all took in the majesty and history that donned the dignified flyer–the reason everyone came to appreciate this one of a kind craft.

“Because it was the greatest battle the human race has ever fought, and this played a key part in that, in that battle,” Gault said.

The Aluminum Overcast is one of less than 20 of these B-17 bombers that’s still able to fly in the us, and it will be here through the weekend for you to come check out.

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