Baby Left at Emerald Park

EUGENE, Ore. — Tough questions for some parents Thursday, after they left their infant at a Eugene park.

People at Emerald Park spotted the unattended baby and called 9-1-1.

Deputies managed to track the parents down.

It turns out they just forgot to put the baby seat in the car before driving away.


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  1. Sandra Smith says:

    To all out there. Do not judge these people when my daughter was quite young and we lived in San Diego I went to visit a friend and her kids were to watch my daughter and they didn’t and she walked away. God was on my side for an elderly lady that lived in the area saw her and picked her up and called the police.
    After a very long day of hunting and crying the Officer found where I was at and returned my daughter to me. At the time we were right next to a freeway and my thoughts were that if she got to the freeway she would either be hit or picked up and taken.
    As in this case of the baby left in the park it happens. Our minds wonder to different things, maybe a new job but we all have to remember that we are all human and things like this do happen.
    As the parents do all we can do is hope and pray that the child is found safe and from harm and returned to us.
    Am so glad that the parents got their child back and bet they never forget the child again.

  2. John says:

    I am a parent of a 23 month old, and the very first thing I do when getting in the vehicle to go anywhere, is put my child in first. That way I know they she is with us and in a safe place. I thought most responsible parents looked out for their children first, and then themselves, knowing that the child cannot put themselves in a safe place like the car. Honestly it is hard to comprehend how a parent can forget their, well what should be their whole world. And hopefully for the child, they never forget the child again.

  3. kiki kiki says:

    “It happens”????? Are you kidding? They FORGOT their baby!!!!!! That is NOT normal. Who does that, how is it even possible? No, it’s not. I don’t believe for a second the fact they had a baby with them simply slipped their mind. Either thy were attempting to abandon the child or they were loaded, as on drugs, probably smoking pot. They don’t deserve to have that child. It’s disgusting and you’re easy dismissal and attitude “Don’t judge them….it happens” is shocking and disturbing.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Im not judging, but here’s my OPINION. I being a mother to 4 children, cannot fathom EVER forgetting my child. There is absolutely zero excuses for that. In my opinion, its very irresponsible, and disgusting! Leaving your baby is the like leaving your heart, you know its very important and you need it and you can’t live without it. I’ve known a couple of people who “accidently” left their baby somewhere, and they were either drug addicts, or partiers, or just plain immature or irresponsible. I’ve never known a straight laced person who was responsible to EVER accidently leave their baby…….pretty lame in my opinion :-/

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