Baby On Board: Making the Time to Eat Right

By Holly Menino

EUGENE, Ore. — In a household where both parents work, it can be tough to find the time to eat healthy.

One Eugene couple has their own recipe for balancing their careers and feeding their kids a well-balanced diet. Making nutritious food choices is something they started teaching their children right from the start.

The Kyle household is a busy one. Brooke and Chris have three healthy, happy and energetic kids: 5-year-old Piper, 2-year-old Preston and 8-month-old Pace. Brooke is an OBGYN and Chris is a urologist; their lives are hectic. Even in the hustle and bustle of the day, Brooke and Chris have made feeding their kids a nutritious and well-balanced diet a priority.

“Kids who have a healthier diet when they’re younger have a decreased risk of diabetes and high blood pressure later in life, and they also learn to eat well and hopefully those habits can last them a lifetime,” Brooke said.

These are habits that Brooke started instilling in her children when she was pregnant.

“Mom is also going to be feeding her kids and feeding her kids healthy, nutritious food and incorporating the diet she might begin in pregnancy throughout their lives,” Brooke said.

Even with three kids and two busy careers, Brooke finds the time to make her own baby food.

“During the week, I might be on-call or on the weekends I might be on-call, and then I’m coming home at night or on the weekends and starting with my home made baby food. Making that is super easy, super nutritious. It’s delicious for the kids. (I) prepare that and then freeze it and then we’re able to pull that out every day,” Brooke said.

As baby gets older, the size of the purees increases and new foods are added.

“When the toddler starts to eat, we focus on the vegetables and then give fruits and whole grains, and then as they get older they kind of know exactly what to expect and what’s healthy and what’s good,” Brooke said.

Feeding time in the Kyle household is very much a family event. Brooke prepares the food, Chris does the feeding and little Piper helps out too.

“If I can make something that’s nutritious and delicious and is easy and a lot cheaper than baby food, why wouldn’t I do it?” said Brooke said.

It’s an easy solution for what Brooke and Chris hope will be a lifetime of good eating habits. Brooke loves to cook so much that she made her own cookbook. It’s called Cook Brooke and is a collection of her favorite recipes.

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