Baby Sofia Defies the Odds

By Melissa Frey

EUGENE, Ore. — You may remember baby Sofia, the precious little girl that was born at Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend last summer.

Sofia was a preemie, born at just 24 weeks, and with most of her organs still being formed, the doctors were expecting the worse.

“We just didn’t know what to expect. They said expect the worse. And we were like, we want to keep our baby any way she comes. Anything that happens, we’re going to be there for her,” Said Marlyn Arias, Sofia’s mother.

After spending three long months in the hospital, with help from countless doctors, nurses, revolutionary technology and a lot of faith, baby Sofia defied the odds.

Sofia was one of the earliest babies to ever survive. At a pound eight ounces, not even 12 inches long, Sofia had a long road ahead of her.

“She had to be able to breathe on her own, eat, swallow,” Arias said.

Her family was there every step of the way and on October 4th, Sofia was cleared to go home.

“I was really happy, I was really excited because I’m so proud of her and she’s doing so good,” Arias said, “We don’t have to go to the hospital every single day. Now we have her here with us and she’s just brought so much joy to our home.”

Having Sofia home was a dream come true for George and Marlyn. But even though she was three-months old, developmentally, she was just like a newborn and just like any parents of a newborn, its not easy.

“We had to get adjusted again, the sleep. Waking up every two to three hours was really hard,” said Arias.

Sofia is now nine months old and she’s more than quadrupled her weight. She is up to 10 pounds and 5 ounces.

Everyone who’s seen her journey from the beginning knows just how strong Sofia is. She’s still catching up, but still defying the odds at each step.

“It’s a little bit slower, her development. She’s at a three-month old stage. She’s learning to grab stuff and she recognizes us,” said Arias, “I’m just so proud of Sofia. She’s came a long way. I just thank God and all the nurses that helped her be healthy and be where she’s at.

Sofia’s mom and dad say they had faith from the beginning that Sofia would not only survive, but would continue to defy those odds.

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