Backyard Burning Season Returns

EUGENE, Ore. – Lane County’s open burning season begins Tuesday, Oct. 1.

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency says it’s now safe for people to burn those piles of branches and leaves they’ve been saving up all summer. But they’re warning residents to be up to date with the most recommended and or legal burning polices. For example, LRAPA discourages the use of burn barrels.

“Fires in burn barrels burn at really low temperatures, and they create really toxic smoke, and one of the by products is dioxin, which is a very toxic material. Dioxin causes birth defects and cancer,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA Public Affairs Manager.

The first violation of any open burning rules means a $500 fine. Fines increase for repeat offenders. Be sure to call LRAPA’s open burning hotlines to check on your areas restrictions before burning. The number for Lane County is 541-726-3976, and for the Florence area it’s 541-997-1757.

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