Bailey Branch Corridor Input Sought

Bailey Branch Rail Line CorridorBENTON COUNTY, Ore. — Benton County wants some advice on what to do with its newly purchased rail line corridor.

The county bought 16-18 miles of the Bailey Branch Corridor in October for $486,000. The strip of property starts near Llewellyn Road and runs through Monroe to Hull-Oakes Lumber on Dawson Road. The county says it wants the property to benefit the community, which is why it is asking for input.

Some of the suggestions so far include freight or passenger rails or installing recreational trails.

“We want to make sure we get some input in that process; that people provide comments and really give us some direction in terms of what they’d like to see happen with that corridor,” said Rick Osborn, Benton County Spokesperson. “It’s easier to maintain a right of way like this once it is established than it would be to deal with individual land owners and re-purchase the right of way down the road.”

If you’d like to give your input, click here.

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