Bank Robbery Suspect Turns Himself In

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — ¬† A Creswell man turns himself in to Springfield police Saturday for robbing a bank Friday.

Police tried to find Cody Daniel Gordon, 37, at several locations after they believed he robbed Oregon Community Credit Union on Mohawk Boulevard Friday afternoon.

Gordon  is now being held at the Lane County Jail.


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  1. Shannon dean says:

    Sometimes in life people make bad choices but Cody is one of the best men on this earth. Many many people love him dearly. We still do and its unfortunate that society is so jaded and that the media are finding this tragedy so news worthy and even be accurate with reporting the information. So nice of society to do this to someone who will punish himself for this far worse than any punishment he recieves for his wrong doing.

  2. S says:

    Shannon: While it is true that good people do bad and stupid things, they are still responsible for their own behavior. You can’t blame the news or society for something that Cody did to himself. Robbery is news worthy and I can’t see any inaccuracy in this report. Cody is responsible for his own actions. For whatever reason he made a really BAD choice. It is his responsibility and his alone. It isn’t wise to make excuses for people who engage in criminal activities. It doesn’t help them and it tells us a lot about you. Even murderers have people who love them. The crime doesn’t make them less loved, it just makes them criminal and deserving of punishment. You think society is jaded because we frown on robbing credit unions? Perhaps you should seek professional. help.

  3. maggie says:

    I agree with S. I feel bad for Shannon if to her Cody is “one of the best men on this earth”. I have been robbed while I was at work and it took a long time to get over what having a gun held to my head felt like. I think the real tragedy is the people he terrorized have to live with his actions as well.

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