Banners to Honor Active Military Members

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CRESWELL, Ore. — If it weren’t for the light poles on Main Street, the heart of Creswell wouldn’t shine very bright at night.

In this close-knit town where each face is not only unique but familiar, the community wants some to fly high.

“We have a real strong sense of community here and we have a lot of kids that have chosen to serve their country, that have chosen to do things that you and I don’t, and that are putting their lives on the line everyday for us,” said Adam Pelatt, Creswell City Councilor.

Pelatt says a community member brought up the idea of hanging banners along Main Street with pictures of active military members, which Pelatt then brought forward to the council, which approved the plan.

“The fact that this community has not just said, ‘Yeah, we like it’ but they’re excited about it and unanimously supporting it. That speaks volumes about the character of this town,” Pelatt said.

And that enthusiasm has carried over to local business who have taken the financial burden off of tax payers.

“We’re always out to support the troops. I’m a veteran myself, so anything we can do to show our support in the community and make community awareness a little higher for our troops is always a good thing,” said Raye Gunther, Emerald Valley Armory owner.

“I’m always looking to get involved and my mother was in the Air Force; she did 20 years so I’m always looking to support,” said Adrianne Lewis, Hot Shots Coffee owner.

“I think every single business person I’ve approached to sponsor a banner, everyone one of them has said absolutely. They’d be thrilled,” Pelatt said.

Together this small town looks to shine its lights on the heroes that line the heart of Creswell.

“We want to make sure that these service members know that even when it’s challenging out there, that when they come home, we as a community honor them and support them,” Pelatt said.

Pelatt says there are 15 light poles that can hold the banners, and so far it looks like they’re on track to fill all of them. The banners are set to go up in the next few months. If you’d like to have a service member on a banner, you can email Pelatt at apelatt@creswell-or.us.

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