Barbecue to Blame for House Fire

SANTA CLARA, Ore. — A fire ripped through a house in Santa Clara Friday evening. Luckily no one was hurt, but investigators say the home is a total loss.

Firefighters say a barbecue is to blame for the fire that gutted the home on Spearmint Street.  Crews say the homeowner was grilling earlier in the day and then left the house without properly disposing of the charcoal.

Five fire units and a medic were called to this scene around 8 pm. The barbecue was on a wooden deck in the backyard.

“This is a reminder, we’re starting to do barbecue season. When you dispose of your briquettes use a metal bucket, don’t put them on a wood deck, don’t put anything combustible near by, soak them in water,” said Fire Marshal Dean Chappell.

No one was home at the time when the fire was reported. Fortunately, crews were able to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes.
Fire crews had a rough estimate of about $175,000 in damage to the home.

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