Barbershop Choirs Compete in Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Five barbershop chorus teams from across Oregon competed in the district competition Saturday. All the teams competed for a spot in this summer’s regional competition.

Judges had three different categories used to rank the performances. Each group was judged for their vocal performance, presentation and the music choice. Some groups did more acting during their performance, while others focused more on harmonizing the song.

Participants said competitions are a fun way to see how different groups present the music.

“It’s exciting, it’s always exciting for a competition you always want to do your very best and of course the fact that people come from all over the different areas, it always rises up your expectations and you try harder at this type of thing,” said Gary Raze, a Barbershop Chorus Singer.

Chorus’ from Medford, the coast and Portland joined the Eugene group on stage for the competition.


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  1. Tiffany Diggs says:

    It was nice meeting you yesterday.

  2. Adam Fishman says:

    Thank you for coming and presenting this story on this wonderful event.

    Male Singers are Wanted and can come to the Cascade Chorus Rehearsals and Sing Every Tuesday Night from 7:PM – 10:00 PM. We meet every Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. at St Paul’s Catholic Church, in the fellowship hall, at 1201 Satre Street in Eugene.

    What do you get every Tuesday night at a rehearsal of the Eugene Cascade Chorus? Great music, learned quickly and sung well. If you want a musical experience every week, come join the Cascade Chorus.

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